Excess Funds List

To request excess funds information you must SEND AN EMAIL.

*Please note Morgan County DOES NOT release any excess funds to 3rd parties.


Check the Tax Assessor Site for all available exemptions.

Due Dates

Due Date for property taxes is November 15th of each year.

Payment may not be collected before the actual bill is generated at the beginning of September each billing year.

Please note that it may take 48 to 72 hours for all payments to post to our website. You will be given credit for payment on the day the payment is made.

Millage Rates

2020 Millage Rates County - 24.789
Madison - 30.431
Downtown (32) - 31.478
Interstate (92) - 31.633
Rutledge - 28.048
Bostwick - 25.814
Buckhead - 28.147
County - 10.721
School - 14.068